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To provide the youth of this area, regardless of race, color or creed, the opportunity to participate in controlled athletic competition; to instill the belief of fair play, good conduct and sportsmanship at all times; to teach the values of INTEGRITY, HONOR, RESPECT, LOYALTY, PERSONAL COURAGE and TEAMWORK; to promote a common interest and tolerance among youth; and to keep the welfare of youth foremost and free from adult compulsion for power or glory.

Saturday, November 9th
Playoffs at Rivals 12 pm

Championship Game!!!

FCYF JV vs Amherst Gold

Help our team win a $2,500 grant by completing this survey and then crediting the point to First Class Youth Football. Tell all of your friends and family to do the same! If we win this grant, we will be able to upgrade and purchase much needed new equipment for our players.

Any questions, concerns or comments, contact:

Terry - (440) 714-9198
Amy - (440) 669-5618
Dave - (440) 453-0444

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